What is NWN token?


Within the promotion campaign, now you can get 1 NWN token for free. NWN token is a unit that is a digital share of our company stored in a cryptocurrency wallet. Totally, 200,000,000 tokens have been issued and it is impossible to increase their number. All you need to do in order to get an NWN token is to post a link to our website in the social network and send us the address of your wallet. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found on the page: Get an NWN token. Later, you will be able to sell, donate or exchange this token, but we recommend that you keep it for yourself.  Our organization has just recently started its activities, and we are constantly developing. It means that the tokens issued by us will keep rising in price. We are sure that over time NWN token will cost no less than Bitcoin. And the reasons are below:


Unlike Bitcoin which is not secured by any assets and does not pursue any purpose other than a speculative one, NWN token, upon achieving our goal (the start of open cooperation with higher developed civilizations), will give you the opportunity of priority right to receive new technologies, medications and, perhaps, even physical immortality. Of course, many rich people will want to have such a right and will be willing to pay a lot of money for it, which means that the cost of the NWN token will become very high. We cannot say exactly when it will happen, but we are sure that it will certainly happen anyway. And it will happen, also with your help. After all, the more tokens a person has the larger his contribution to bringing closer the moment of the onset of open cooperation with highly developed civilizations. Very soon we will place NWN tokens on all major cryptocurrency exchanges and people will be able to purchase them but already at market price.

NWN token is divided into 100,000,000 parts, so you can possess even a small part of a token, but still participate in our common project. And when our project reaches its goal, hundreds of millions of people who will have NWN tokens in their wallets will want to get new technologies and will support us. And then it will be our organization that will be entrusted – with the help of representatives of the society and international organizations – to distribute them among the population. In our turn, we undertake to do it honestly, openly, and publicly reporting to all interested citizens.