NW code


As soon as you pay for the subscription to our newsletter, you will get an e-mail with a NW code as a free bonus. It is our special subscriber’s code. It means that you are a person who has helped our organization, and in case we reach our goal and establish contact with aliens, it will give you special privileges during the distribution of the New World resources. We have already borrowed a lot of technologies from them, but it is only a small part of what they can give to us.

Any adult citizen of any country in the world can subscribe to our newsletter. There are two types of codes: a personal NW code (provided for the purchase of an Expanded subscription which costs US $99 per year) and a common NW code (provided for the purchase of a Standard subscription which costs US $49 per year). Only you can use your personal code as it is a name code and it’s linked to your surname, name, e-mail, and your postal address (optional). The common code is linked only to your e-mail and is less safe from the point of its storage. But it can be used by any person, not only by the purchaser of the subscription. You can have an unlimited number of common NW codes. If you wish, you can give them to be used by any other person, including the citizens of other countries.

You must understand that by sending you a NW code, our organization cannot guarantee that you will get something in return. It is a free code confirming your subscription to our newsletter. However, we are sure that when we reach our goal and obtain new technologies for the whole humanity, a lot of people will show their gratitude by supporting us. And then our organization will distribute them among the population through our supporters who would like to help us with this. And we promise to do it honestly and openly reporting back to all the concerned people.

Receiving a NW code does not oblige you in any way, and we will protect the confidentiality of your personal data by all available means. You can cancel the subscription to our newsletter at any moment or you can get your newsletter and choose not to renew the subscription. Anyway, your NW code will remain active and you can use it and claim your right to the products and services of the New World at any time.


We already have a clear plan of distribution of the New World resources. Of course, one of the first things that people would like to get is a vaccine for all diseases or a cure for those who is already ill. We will need to launch their production for all people across the globe as soon as possible.

Naturally, it will take some time, so we will need to divide all those who need such medicine into 3 categories: terminally ill people (who will need it immediately), holders of the NW code, thanks to whom it was possible to obtain new technologies, and all the others. Having received a NW code, you will automatically fall under the second category. People of third priority will get new technologies and medicine after you through an order list or a lottery. Our task is to do everything to prevent as many people as possible from dying of famine, diseases, and wars by that time. With the new technologies, there will be no problem of the overpopulation of the Earth because they will offer opportunities to travel among the stars and create colonies on other planets of the endless space.

New opportunities will give us access to the materials that will make building cheap housing possible. Gene engineering will allow growing all kinds of plants and cattle at a high and without any harm for people. We will be able to effectively produce and accumulate electric power, which will let us stop using nuclear and other types of fuel that pollute our planet. We will stop polluting the Earth, kill animals and plants, and nature will begin to recover. And we can achieve all this rather quickly, in only a few years, if we unite now and stop believing those people who tell us that we are alone in the universe.