Any reasonable person will find these versions completely absurd, but they are expressed by scientists sponsored by NASA in order to somehow explain scientifically unexplainable things happening in the atmosphere of the Earth. It’s not surprising as many people believe that it is NASA that keeps any information about aliens off the radar. That’s why all their programs aimed at the search for aliens result in nothing, although in fact, the obtained information just becomes classified.

On June 30, 1908, an incredibly massive explosion thundered over the endless Siberian woods. It was the famous Tunguska meteorite, which broke into small pieces at a height of 10 km. The force of the explosion was much more powerful than the biggest hydrogen bomb made by a man. The blast wave went round the whole planet several times. Trees were brought down in a semicircle within 2000 square kilometers from the explosion site, while the trees over the epicenter were still standing, but didn’t have any branches or bark, which again proves that the explosion had taken place in the air. Witnesses also said that a huge ball flying towards the Earth had exploded above the forest. This was confirmed by scientists who made numerous expeditions to this place.

And here’s the main problem. It is commonly known that there are several types of meteorites: stony, iron, stony-iron and the ones made of ice. When heated to an extremely high temperature, they melt in the atmosphere, which we can observe during meteorite showers when thousands of small meteorites gradually burn down when flying close to the Earth but never explode by themselves! Although it must be confessed that it is possible in a theory, if a meteorite flying towards the Earth has great airproof cavity filled with combustible gas. However, the likelihood of such coincidence is next to none. According to another version, a meteorite can be destroyed because of the pressure difference. But destruction and explosion are not the same thing. For instance, a stone thrown from a great height can be broken into pieces but it will never explode releasing a great amount of heat energy.

12 February

Big meteorites are rare for Earth, but on February 12, 1947 another ominous guest appeared in the sky over Siberia – it was the enormous Sikhote-Alin meteorite that breaks into thousands of pieces (probably, also because of an explosion) just like the Tunguska meteorite. Strange coincidence, isn’t it?

8 February

On February 8, 1969 another meteorite weighing several tons exploded over Mexico, far from big cities, having scattered its pieces within the area of 500 square kilometers.

22 April

A lot of people have heard about the Sutter’s Mill meteorite that appeared in the sky over the USA on April 22, 2012. Having flown over Nevada and California, it also exploded by itself over the state of Washington. The force of the explosion was enormous. Experts believe it was equal to 4 kilotons of TNT.

12 December

On December 12, 2012 about 11 p.m. local time, another meteorite exploded in the air not far from the Turkish city Ordu having caused panic among local people. However, like in all the other cases, it didn’t cause any damage, and the fragments of the exploded meteorite fell into the Black Sea.


This list can be continued, but a logical question arises: why all the small meteorites that don’t pose any threat get to the Earth while the biggest ones that can result in disastrous consequences mysteriously explode by themselves in the air without causing any significant damage or deaths?

15 February

The answer to this question was found within a year after that, on February 15, 2013 when another big meteorite appeared in the sky above Chelyabinsk. Chelyabinsk is a city in Russia with the population of over a million people. It’s a large industrial center with a lot of different factories, including chemical and defense plants. If the meteorite, later called the Chelyabinsk meteorite, had reached the Earth, it would have not only destroyed a significant part of the city with all its citizens but would also have caused a colossal ecological disaster. It would have been one of the saddest chapters in the history of humanity because dozens or, probably, hundreds thousands of people would have died within a second due to the consequences of its collision with the Earth. But, as you have already guessed, this meteorite also didn’t reach the Earth and exploded at a height of about 10 km. An incredibly massive explosion broke windows in hundreds of buildings, and fifteen hundred people were injured by scattered pieces of the glass, but, surprisingly, nobody died, although the whole city could have been ruined.

However, it’s one thing when meteorites explode above the endless taiga, but it’s entirely different thing when it happens over a big city during the daytime. A great number of witnesses noticed that some object was flying through the meteorite when it exploded and broke into a multitude of pieces. First, this cylindrical object appeared in the air out of nowhere, then it caught up with the meteorite, flew through it, after that the meteorite exploded, and the object disappeared. Some people managed to record this moment on their dashboard cameras. Here’s one of the videos recorded a few dozen kilometers away from the city. In slow motion, you can see four times how some object flies through the meteorite or near it and explodes it. Witnesses that were closer to the explosion site claimed that the object had taken a shot at the meteorite but the UFO had been firing almost point-blank, so you can’t see it in the video.


As always, an official version of the events suggested by Russian authorities came into the picture. They realized that hundreds of people had seen this unidentified flying object and the video had been already posted on the Internet, so they immediately stated that the meteorite had been shot down by a missile. However, they didn’t take into account that the meteorite’s speed was 18 km/s, while the speed of the most up-to-date missiles of the Russian Air Defense Troops at that time, according to the public source data (S-400 missile system), was 2 km/s, which is 9 times slower! In order to be launched, the missiles must be put on standby, which also takes several minutes. Patriot PAC-3, its American analog, can shoot down air targets flying at the maximum speed of 1.6 km/s. Therefore, none of the air defense systems, currently used or those that had existed before, could have shot down a meteorite flying at such speed. However, in the video it is clearly seen that some object didn’t just shoot down the meteorite but also caught up with it, which means that its speed was much higher. But the most important thing is that any missile explodes when it reaches its aim – it doesn’t fly further, even children know that. When Russian authorities realized that their first version was impossible, they just stopped mentioning it and later claimed the meteorite had self-destructed before reaching the Earth.


More recently, on December 23, 2020, a fairly large meteorite weighing about 10 tons was seen in China. Many witnesses managed to photograph it from various angles. In some videos, we can see another object flying near the meteorite after its explosion. And after a few seconds, the unidentified object disappears as quickly as it has appeared. But this not always is the case. Meteorites, which do not pose any threat to people, reach the ground quite safely for themselves and become the trophies for scientists who study them.

So you don’t have to worry next time when you hear the news about another asteroid approaching the Earth. Even if it appears in the atmosphere of our planet, it will certainly explode in the air, illuminating the area with a bright flash, while people will not die. Indeed, despite the fact that several tons of meteorites fall on our planet annually, in the entire history of mankind, not a single death has been recorded. This proves again that aliens are rather friendly towards us, they effectively protect our air space from different threats from cosmos. Most probably, we are like a natural reserve for them, and by protecting us, they try not to interfere in our lives unless we ask them to do so. And since the environmental disaster is inevitable, people need such help more and more. If we want to save the planet, it’s time to start fully cooperating with our neighbors who have been helping us for a long time anyway.

But we don’t make visits without an invitation, even to friends. Because it’s impolite. Perhaps they also don’t want to do this, because at least it will surely cause panic among the world’s population. Therefore, we must unite and invite them to contact us at a certain time ourselves. This will be a great action with the involvement of major media. If they want, they will establish a connection with us, and then a new era will begin in the history of mankind.

The governments of our countries wouldn’t admit that aliens exist despite a great number of witnesses, video recordings, and extraterrestrial materials that got to the Earth. Surely, they are using these materials for the army needs creating stealth aircrafts and new missile engines. But is this what we really need? No. Now it’s time to use
these technologies not for killing people, but for creating safe and happy life on our terrific planet.